Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Hope you're celebrating this glorious spring holiday with family and friends! 

Some of my favorite Easter things this year...

Adorable paint-swatch egg garland.

Festive votive holders for your Easter table.

Adorable Easter eggs...sans messy dyes!
~via the tres fab Sweet Paul~

A fun way to present utensils for a casual Easter brunch/lunch.
(Or, at least at the kids' table!)

And last but not least, a fun Easter sweet treat - 
"Bunny Bait"...recipe {HERE}!

White chocolate + M&M's + Popcorn + Pretzels
The perfect combo of salty & sweet!
(Not to mention those pastel colors would make for a fantastic party favor, wrapped up in cellophane with a lovely ribbon & whimsy gift tag...not only for Easter celebrations, but for your next baby or bridal shower, too!)

And last but not least, 
I can't help but re-link to my favorite Easter cartoon of all time...
Happy Easter, to you and yours!

~images via pinterest, modern parents messy kids, martha stewart, sweet paul x 2, plate and pattern, & sing for your supper~

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