Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Etsy finds

Here are some handmade delights on my wish list!

Porcelain leather plant containers
So stinkin' gorgeous.

We've been on the market for abstract wall decor,
and I think this offers one fresh and fabulous solution!
(And also satisfies my desire for some more indoor foliage.)

Cheeky canvas library tote.
Super fun for hauling books (and snacks, etc.!) to and from the library! 

Wooden wall clocks.
Organic and chic.
{HERE}, {HERE}, & {HERE}
(Not to mention, I think they'd pair great on a wall with #1.) 

What kind of things do you look for/purchase on Etsy?

I'm usually partial to baby goods and or handmade items.
(Note: must learn how to knit and/or sew.)

~images via Etsy~

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