Friday, April 13, 2012

Five things

Here are the five things
I think you need to know about this Friday...

The Party Pantry
{HERE} is fool-proof list you need to have on hand
for when the doorbell rings unexpectedly.


The Perfect "Sock" Bun
Did I say sock?? Yep.
{HERE}'s the how-to.

Silicone pour spouts.
Possibly yet another kitchen gadget I "need" to have?
Made of silicone to handle hot temps!  I specifically see using it on a bowl for pouring perfect cupcakes or on a pan to bottle simple syrups...sans the drippy mess.
Get yourself a set {HERE}.

They're all the current rage...yet never ever seem to go out of style.
Here's just one example of their fabulouslessness.  (Much more to come.)

"Living Apart Together"
Or L.A.T.
Saw a segment on this relationship phenomenon on the Today's show
and found it incredibly intriguing.
Read all about it right {HERE}.

As a person who's done the long distance thing, I sort of understand the appeal.
(Though I wouldn't trade my current situation for ANYTHING.)
Certainly makes for good conversation/discussion, no?

That's all for now, folks.
Hope you have an awesome Friday the 13th...
and an even more awesome weekend!

~images via hip hip hostess, the other emily, amazon,truly & elle~

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