Monday, February 13, 2012

Boob tube

Just thought I'd take a moment to comment on some of my favorites right now.

Coming soon (2/26!).  I basically watch for the the fashion, seeing as I usually have never heard of any of the nominated movies until the Golden Globes air.
 How great would these drinks be for an Oscars party?!
Note to self:  Do this next year.
(Read:  When I'm not pregnant and can enjoy.)

Bon Iver on SNL.
And fresh off a couple of Grammy wins!! Remember him?)
Mesmerizing.  Haunting.  (And I don't even go for blondes.)
The Bachelor.
Holy cow.  This show is SO BAD.
I haven't watched a season since Trista was the Bachelorette and married that teddy bear of a fireman.  But I saw this season's first episode on a plane and like most reality shows of this nature, once you get sucked in, there's no turning back.
So many crazies, I just cannot get enough!  I mean, the crying exit scenes?  TOO MUCH FUN.  Don't they realize their contorted crying faces, running mascara, and taxi cab confessions are scaring off any potential suitors?!  Reeks of crazy.
And how ridiculously heinous is Ben's bowl cut?  That middle part reminds me of the boys in my 5th grade glass.  The 90's called and want that 'do back, Ben!!
If Courtney (the skanky bitchy model) makes it any further, I will personally be offended.
P.S.  My money/hope is on Kacie B. for the win.

Gossip Girl.
Can Lonely Boy and BW just get together already?
I've been patiently waiting.
P.S.  If someone were to assassinate Prince Louis, I'd be totally okay with that.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Why did this glorious season have to end?!?!
At least Paul sent it out on a truly spectacular moment, post-colonoscopy.
"It's coming out....Oh, no!"

Paul:  The only relatable human on this show.
(At least we have the return of the OC originals to keep us entertained.)

The Pioneer Woman
On Saturday mornings on the Food Network.
She keeps it real and does basic comfort food REALLY well.
Tune in for some culinary inspiration!

What are you watching right now?

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