Thursday, February 2, 2012

Drift wood art

I really enjoy a nice sentimental piece of art.
And why not have it be one you created yourself?
All the better, I say.

Some of my favorite drift wood inspirations...

I really want this one in my LR!

I absolutely ADORE this headboard.  Perfect for a guest bedroom, no?
(And who doesn't love a little Mumford? ...besides my husband.)

Or scratch the whole paint idea, and use the drift wood as a backdrop to your favorite photos!
(And EXCUSE ME.  How amazing is that coffee table?!?!)

In case you're feeling Biblical...

It even works in kids' rooms.

And just what the world needs...more "love"!

Thankfully, there's a complete DIY tutorial over at me oh my {HERE}.

Not to mention her lyric inspiration is from one of my favorite songs!

Get inspired!

~images via tater tots and jello, pinterest, chic cheap nursery, pinterest & me oh my~

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