Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mug shots

Coffee mugs are full of character.
I usually love assessing a person's odd collection of mugs,
as they hold stories...
whether they are hand-me-downs from your grandma,
the mugs you used in college (after first discovering the glory of coffee), 
received as a gag gift (husband's bachelor party nudie mug, I'm looking at you!),
the fancy ones you registered for at your wedding,
or the uniquely shaped ones you purchased at an antique market, just for the hell of it...
They are the perfect vessels for sipping something warm and comforting,
from coffee & tea to cider & hot toddies cocoa
on cold winter mornings.


However, I noticed that my old collection of coffee mugs are starting to either:

a.  acquire deep coffee stains (that are next to impossible to remove)
b.  crack
c.  become too mis-matched for my liking

Enter:  Coffee mug wishlist!

First up, some cute & frilly finds at Anthropologie.
Priced $10-12 each.

Next, some more modern inspirations via West Elm.
Stripes, $10 each.

And, da da da.....the "Modernist Mugs" I've been eyeing up since the summer!
Now on sale for $6.99 each.

(Currently kicking myself for spending my W.E. birthday gift certificate on "a" throw pillow.)

Which ones are your favorite?
Where do you like to get your coffee mugs?

P.S.  Not mugs, per se...but how simply adorable is this sugar & creamer set?!
Country chic.
$16 at Pottery Barn.

Excuse me, I now have a hankering for a hot beverage...

~images via anthropologie & west elm~

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