Thursday, February 9, 2012

February link love

I just adore a good garland.
And the following one's no exception!
DIY tutorial via the chic line ~ {HERE}.

Or even simpler:  string patterned cardstock hearts together and hang.

This racy "bedroom art" made me laugh out loud.
I think it would be especially hilarious in a guest bedroom.
(Or bathroom. Ha!)

I often wonder what other ladies consider to be "purse essentials".
I think this all-inclusive list is perfect.
{HERE} via cupcakes & cashmere

Do you ever wish you could create the perfect "smoky eye"?
(Read:  without looking like a drunk raccoon?)
Me too, sister.
{HERE} is an easy, 2-step, video tutorial.
Perhaps you can try out your new sultry look on Valentine's Day!

Speaking of V-Day,
this "picture pillow" would sure make a cute homemade "Valentine," no?

And check out "8 Dresses to Wear this Valentine's Day" - some are super cute!
(I'm especially feeling that pale pink frock with the cowl neck!)

Likewise, because my husband is a true toffee nut,
I may try this version of "fool's toffee" to tuck in with his Valentines!
"Better Than Skor Bars" recipe {HERE}
(...or again, a gazillion others can be found on Pinterest.)

And why not a little love song from Flo to send you on your way?

Happy 'net surfing to you!

~images via the chic line, 20x200, cupcakes&cashmere,, &

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