Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine négligé...and other sexy things

That's right, we all know V-day is all about the "sexy time".

Thus, here is the soundtrack for today's blog viewing:

P.S.  I LOVE this version of this song.  (And Ben.)
P.P.S.  With that being said, does anyone else under the age of 40 hear that ringing in the background?  Or do I have truly have worsening tinnitus?

I digress.
Let's get back to the sex.

All ladies would feel loved (and desirable) if her man gave her any of the following come this February 14th...

Starting with a sensual Valentine card to get her in the mood...

And if you're like me, humor hits me right in the loins.
So even this gum gets me revved up...

Okay for realsies now...moving on to actual SEXY things.
Namely the négligé...

Ruffled pink + red PJ's
(by Juicy Couture...and sadly no longer available)

Pink + black lace & tulle bodysuit
(Does this come with a snap crotch?  I wonder...)

Mauve silk-satin romper
(perfect for a romp in the hay!)

Black lace mask

A trio of Hanky Panky's
(every girl's favorite...practical and  alluring)

Black lacy stockings
(Hubba, hubba!)

Or, arrange for an intimate "breakfast" in optional!

Or, perhaps she'd prefer a champagne and candles bubble bath.
(I personally would take BOTH.)

But perhaps this year, given my state,
I will receive the SEXIEST lingerie gift of all....


(You could even toss in some bra pads to guard against leaking nipples.  Rarrrrrrr.  She'll really like that gesture!)

I've clearly come to terms with the fact my lady parts will never be the same.

Regardless of your method,
be sure to spice up the romance this V-day!

~images via this is glamorous, hip hip hostess, elements of style, net-a-porter x 6,  pinterest, elements of style, & motherhood maternity~

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