Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekender duffel perfection

Or, the perfect
"pack your shizz for the hospital because girl, you be in labor" bag.

Loving this gorgeous combo of leather and glitz.
$137 {HERE}

It's even Oprah-approved!

Or what about an ever-popular (and slightly more affordable) Vera Bradley bag?
They have some super cute carry-on size duffels and totes....currently ON SALE!
Some of my faves....

XL Duffel in "Folkloric" or "Tea Garden"
$59.99 {HERE} or {HERE}

I'm also thinking one of these very roomy totes (with lots of inside pouches)
would triple as a baby bag for the hospital AND, yep you guessed it...
a tres fab DIAPER BAG!!

I'm especially in love with the Vera tote in "Twirly Birds Navy"
$60 {HERE}

Not as girly as the floral prints so that even Daddy can lug on his arm. ;)
And blue for the sweet little boy-to-be!
And for a great sale price...$65 less than the diaper bag currently on my registry:
Dwell Studio "Dots Chocolate Madison Bag", $125, {HERE}

What do you think, moms out there?
Is the Vera tote big enough for my diaper bag needs?
(Regardless, I'm thinking I need to scoop this up ASAP.)

As for the hospital,
I will probably end up resorting to my roller carry-on or decrepit UW duffel bag.
(With my breast pump in it's own discrete backpack!)

But a pregnant girl can dream, right?

~image via deux lux, vera bradley x 3, & dwell studio~

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