Monday, April 18, 2011

The return of Gossip Girl

Oh how we've missed the scandalous lives of the Upper East side!!
(Bass Empire ain't got nothin' on the local upper crust better known as The Stream.)
Alex can't get enough of Rufus & Little J, whereas I'm more of a Doroda girl myself.
But mostly, we cannot wait to figure out what happens with these two...

LOVE me some  Lonely Boy + Blair
Their dueling wit makes me geek out with excitement.
I literally squeal over their banter!
It brings me back to the Seth Cohen/Summer Roberts days of The O.C.  So good!!
Picking up some Rombauer (we live lavishly on Monday nights)
to enjoy with tonight's ep!
xo xo...  Breezy Girl

~ image via fanpop! ~

This post was written prior to awakening to a raging UTI this a.m.
Instead of indulging in Chardonnay (booze = bladder irritant),
I will be pounding gallons of lemon water
popping Uristat & ibuprofen like Charlie Sheen's been popping Adderall & crack.
Fingers crossed, it will be just as fabulous.   

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