Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Viva la Vida

Somehow during a period of procrastination,
I came across something truly spectacular.
In the wake of the education upheaval in WI, it especially hit a little too close to home.
The kids in the video below are not only extremely talented, but lucky.
How unfortunate to envision a world with fewer remarkable educators like Mr. B!  (And Mrs. Walsh!)

Moreover, I cannot GET over
these kids' sweet, dramatic moves.
Look out, Stevie Wonder!  You better check yo'self, Celine.

But seriously, I want to be a 5th grader in Mr. B's chorus! 
I definitely wasn't akin to such high caliber music when I was 10. 
(NKOTB was my bebop of choice. And I'm pretty sure the only thing I was this passionate about was jam skating at High Rollers...and maybe Gushers fruit snacks??)
You can feel  how much singing means to them,
and how much of a shining example their teacher is.

They have SO many performances on YouTube.  And a blog
If you're sucked in like me, be sure to check out their versions of
Phoenix's Lisztomania and Adele's Rolling in the Deep.
SO good.  Chills!  Blown away by their passion. 
An hour of my life gone, but well spent. :)

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