Saturday, April 30, 2011

DVR'd Royal Wedding

And wine.
What's on deck the second I get off of work tonight.

Can't wait for all the hats and carriages and trumpets!
(I might even hang a salad bowl all cockamanie on my head and pretend it's a fascinator.)
Curious if Kate was true-to-self and wore a non-pretentious wedding dress?!
Just kidding -  I already know the answer to this, Alexander McQueen.

I turned the TV on while getting ready for work yesterday just in time
to see her walk down the aisle.  It was just like Cinderella!

I watched until I saw William whisper
"you look beautiful"
then turned the TV off then because I couldn't stand  it!!!
I'd have been late to work if I watched anymore.

Could Will.I.Am handle being in the same place as his beloved mum's funeral?!
And did he actually buck the tradition of wearing a wedding ring?
(seems a little Charles-like, if you ask me.)

I cannot wait to watch it all unfold.

(Alex is up north for a stag NFL draft party, so I can revel in the girly spectacularity for HOURS on end.)

Brianna, The Duchess of Carol Stream

P.S.  I discovered this show the other day.  It is TERRIBLE. 
I was secretly hoping for it to be like The Hills.  But it is not.
(The fact that it's on VH1 should have tipped me off.)
Audrina seems like a genuinely nice person,
but seriously,
who knew there was white trash in Orange County?!
(Oh wait, Real Housewife Tamra.)
Do not waste your time with this nonsense.

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