Wednesday, April 27, 2011

James Nares

What are the odds I could score a James Nares print when we're in London?
He's British, right?

I just LOVE the fluidity and punches of color.

I can't get over how the pair below compliment each other. 
(Kinda like a + b, no?  Even more reason to add one (or two) to the wishlist!)
But seriously, they really make the room pop.

The one in the van der Woodsen's lobby has sure been getting a lot of air time.
Did anyone else notice?! Or am I just a freak?!
Damn you, Gossip Girl!  Why must you possess so much that I covet?

I can't wait until I can afford real art.
(That'll happen someday, right?)
...9 G's means a snack for me, but it means a big deal to you...

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for
the affordable, sentimental vintage finds we've been fortunate to come across,
(I'm looking at you, Skier Man.)
 and for all of our travel photography.
(60% off custom framing at JoAnn Fabrics rules!)

But seriously, these pieces make me swoon.

In the meantime, maybe I can try to re-create one of my own?
Get my James Nares on and dangle from a homemade pulley?
The technique looks F-U-N,
very scouring-the-yard-in-"Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"...

However, I would totally lose the battle to gravity and drool on my own masterpiece...and probably benefit from wearing a diaper while at work.

If all else fails,
perhaps won't let me down??

~ known images from, durham press, the man of style ~
(Disclaimer:  Most of these photos were collected for my own home inspiration files and I do not know their source of origin. 
If you know, please inform me & I will correctly cite!)

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