Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Long locks

Long to-do list today, which includes a much-needed hair cut
(And an even more needed eyebrow wax.  But no need to discuss my current resemblance to Frida Kahlo.)
Planning on continuing to grow my Gucci mane longer (and hopefully lusher),
with these ladies' coiffes as inspiration...


I also plan on purchasing another pair of "work" pants today.
Jeans, leggings, and scrubs will just not cut it.
A 40% off coupon at Banana Republic should do me nicely.
LOVING their "Logan" fit. 
They are the "Editor" pants of yesteryear.
(Express truly pains me today. Looking at their clothes --> Burned retinas.  It's like looking directly at the sun.) 
Bring on pair #2 in khaki!

Throw in emissions testing (very Al Gore of me), Target errands, laundry, cleaning, a serious sweat-session on the Carol Stream running trails, and preparing my power point for tomorrow's presentation, and I'll call it a day.

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