Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Madison dream home

Hello, dream home. 

I sure wouldn't mind having my morning coffee and evening wine(s)
looking at the sunrise/sunset over the Capital.
Just imagine the happy hour gatherings!

 Modern foyer and floating staircase? Sure!

 Can you say "natural kitchen lighting"??
(And don't think I don't see those double ovens - drooling!!)

 Is that a giant window wall in the dining room?
Spectacular views come rain, snow, sleet, or shine.

 Check out that huge fireplace!  Another must for Wisconsin winters. 
(I can envision the Tom & Jerry holiday celebrations now.)

 Loft with cathedral ceilings...oh, and just that bomb ass view again!

 Humongous shower...with, surprise surprise, a window!  Don't want there to be one second without that view.  Ooh and a built-in shower bench!  (For when we get old and arthritic and need to sit while sudsing.)

Downstairs playroom/man cave...with it's own mini kitchen!! 
That's right, kids - make your own damn pizza!
Mommy/wifey's busy sunning her buns outside (or baking in her DOUBLE ovens!)
And check out the living room area for movie viewing! 

 More bathrooms, why not? A shitter for everyone!

 Home gym! And is that a sauna?  Expensive Bikram yoga studio (and embarrassing public flatulence during pose changes) no more.

 3-car garage (for family car, Yaris, & Alex's porsche) + a car port for guests!  Ideal.
Now we just need to work on the curb appeal.
And maybe a little more space from the neighb's...unless they're one of you.
Oh, and the price tag.
(minor deets)
Unless someone has a 1.6 million dollar bone they'd be willing to throw us.

~photos via realtor.com~

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