Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitsch kitchen

Not a whole lot one can do in they way of creativity
in a condo that's going to be up for sale (again) soon.
Buyers apparently LOVE beige and boring.

But I'm loving one of our kitchen corners right now.
Because it is neither beige nor boring.

Retro "bar" art we received from a friend, purchased at RR #1 in Chicago
Fun, handmade "eat" sign I recently bought at i like you in Minneapolis

(Both of these stores have such cute, fun things!  Especially good for gifting.)

The kitchen corner also got a little mood-lighting make-over.
An extra strand of white Christmas lights
made some empty bottles of our favorite wines 
into nice little night-light.
Can't wait to place this on a future bar/bar cart!
(More on those later, I'm obsessed.)

~ photos by b ~

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