Friday, January 18, 2013

The Friday Five

It's FRIDAY!At last.
May it treat you right.

JT is back!!
I've died and gone to teenage Heaven.

Eberjey lingerie
I am obsessed with these slouchy p.j.'s.
More (read: sexier) pieces found {HERE}.

Sandwich addiction.
I have been eating this one almost daily - 
tomato, avocado, cucumber, sprouts, low-fat chive cream cheese,
freshly cracked black pepper, on toasted oat grain bread.  YUM.

Luxurious bathtub + Home libary in one?!?!
Shit yes.
Michael Cunningham, you sick genius.
More {HERE}.

Car Travel with Kids
Some really great ideas (well, aside from the beef jerky).
But I have to say, the "alphabet game" was a favorite of mine as a kid...
cheers to the lucky duck who first spots an "x" in a road sign!

And a few more interesting links...

Molly Sims' sweet little nursery.
(Kinda reminds me a little bit of ours', no?)

Some awesome aprons for that special cook in your life.

How hotdogs are made.  (I just threw up.  You might, too.)

HBO "Girls" season 2 preview & review.
(So oddly uncomfortable and entertaining at the same time. First ep sucked me in!)

Some truly inspiring inspiration boards for your upcoming party/wedding.

Hehe.  Too true!

Have a good weekend, m'loves!

~images via eberjey, pinterest, workinprogress~

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