Friday, January 25, 2013

The Friday Five

Happy Friday!
Another busy week has come and gone.
I am sooooo ready for the weekend.

Girl Power!
I know, I know.  I'm a little late to the game with this one.
(And Alicia Keys is right up there with Christina and Maria in the "beautiful voices but after one song I want to consume an entire bottle of Excedrin Migraine" realm.
But this remix is catchy and full of girl power.  
Enjoy, ladies!

maroon + navy + tan
A perfect January color combo, no?

Uplands Cheese
Holy cow, pun intended, is this shit good.
Directly from a sweet little farm in good ol' Dodgeville, Wisconsin.
We had it {HERE} last week and I've been Jonesing for more ever since.
Too bad I've missed this particular cheese's peak season,
but I'm bound and determined to find myself "a" wheel somewhere!
Buy it {HERE}.

(P.S.  If a Wisconsin girl recommends a cheese, I suggest you listen.)

Hot Beverage Bar
I think all this snow and cold weather calls for a party with a Build-Your-Own Hot Beverage Bar.  It is awards season (and NFL playoffs) afterall!

Indoor Activities for Toddlers
...because who wants to step outside when it's -20 degrees.
I hope I turn out to be such a fun and creative mom!

And a few more links for fun...

I think I need this all-purpose sweatshirt dress.

Why not 10 more sweater dresses while we're at it.

I'm digging these pendant lights.  Cute above a kitchen bar, no?

I want to be invited to this grown-up tea party.

Roasted veggie tacos.  YUM.

Happy Friday!

~images via pinterest, uplands cheese, make it luxe, hip hostess~

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