Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A tale of two growth charts

I was reading the latest issue of Baby magazine and was so intrigued by one of the articles on growth charts.  Did you know your pediatrician most likely uses the CDC growth chart {HERE}, as it compares growth among American babies?
However, it is a well-studied fact that a lot of American babies are not breastfed beyond 4-6 months.  And breastfed babies, while they grow like little weeds during the first 6 months of life,slow down in the growth department between 6 and 12 months.  Thus, if you're like me and slightly annoyed worried by your mom friends' posts on Facebook about how their little Butter Ball is in the 100th percentile, fear not!  Plot your little one's numbers into the WHO growth chart {HERE}, which compares babies from all around the world (read: who are predominantly breastfed to 12 months, which is considered to be "optimal" feeding conditions).

Example: My little guy is 15th percentile for weight according to his American counterparts.
But when plotted on the WHO growth curve, he's more in the middle.
(I certainly don't think he looks like a skinny minny!)

Interesting, no?
I find it fascinating.
Especially in lieu of the tripled rates of childhood obesity in this country.
It would be an interesting study to conduct!

P.S.  Back to that annoying, braggart mom "friend" on Facebook.  Does she even know what 100th percentile means?!? It means in a room of 100 babies, her's is the very fattest.  Let's see if she's bragging about that come 3rd grade.  (Whew, I feel better now.)

P.P.S.  Sorry, aforementioned mother.  I should make like one of my truly good mom friends and just ignore all the growth chart hoopla.  Babies all grow at their own pace and we shouldn't worry about it.
Hakuna Matata!

~photo by b~

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