Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mid-century modern

Definitely my husband's style.
And if you call it "mid-century California modern"
or "mid-century Danish modern,"
I'm in.

What do those terms exactly mean, you ask?
(They're real.  Google it.)
I'd say they're an updated version of the original architectural idea.
Versions that include more 21st century luxuries,
along with incorporating lots of natural elements,
and a feeling of warmth (by hybrid-ing with more comfortable pieces).
A vibe that isn't necessarily conveyed in the original Mad Men-esque version of mid-mod.

Here are some examples of what I have in mind...

(We can keep the Eames chair.)

Beams and LOTS of windows.

Hello, nature.

Indoor-outdoor spaces.

Corner fireplaces (and other original mid-mod those chairs.)

Can you dig?

~images via pinterest~

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