Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mid-week link love

First up, a pretty long "good reads" list via the chic line.
With the cold winter approaching, who couldn't use some reading rec's?!
Jotting down books I want to read as I type.

I have a few apples leftover from the season,
and I am trying to decide which delicious treat to make next.
Thinking about trying a recipe from Door County Living magazine for
savory rosemary applesauce served with roasted pork loin (yum!) -

"pork chops and applesauce!"
Sorry, couldn't resist.
(P.S.  Mrs. Brady still has the best lady mullet of all time.)
(P.P.S.  Adult Christopher Knight = Gross.)

Or, this scrumptious looking Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake.
Recipe {HERE} via Joy the Baker.

Little black (lacy) dress.
Holiday perfection.
I adore this baby by Oscar de la Renta.

Too bad it costs more than my wedding dress. :(
But alas!  This cute black heart number from Forever 21 is also cute.
And a steal at less than $30!

Mrs. Clean!  Mrs. Clean!
I am hoping to try Martha S.'s Tub Scrub next time I tackle el baños.
(Non-toxic is key when you're "heavy with child".)

Dude, who knew you could clean pesky shower soap scum with a dryer sheet?!
I'll believe this one when I see it.

Here's a very practical Cleaning To-Do List from the Hip Hostess.
I can't wait til I truly have the time to make this list a daily priority.
And here's just 101 more tips from Real Simple while we're at it.
Because right now, I am pretty much subscribing to the following philosophy:

A clean house gives way to a DIY "Purple Party"!
From the ever-fabulous Simplified Bee.

Love it.
Perfect for baby or bridal showers.

What's inspiring you today?

~Images via Joy the Baker, net-a-porter, Forever 21, pinterest, martha stewart, & Simplified Bee~

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