Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dear Santa...

...Relaxation, a new camera, & no more zits!

Black Friday (with all it's big incentive sales) is just around the corner.
And then comes Cyber Monday, for those who prefer to shop online.
Each essentially kicking off the "one month til Christmas" countdown.
My family will hound me for a Christmas wishlist, as I will them.
So here is mine ahead of time!

Prenatal Yoga Classes
at Invivo Fitness in Milwaukee.
To really work on my zen as I prepare to take NP boards and give birth.
We're talking squeezing a baby out of my vagine.  
For the very first time.
In just a few months.
You catch my drift?  

Digital Camera.
With Zoom.  And video capabilities.
I noticed on our trip to Ireland trip that my little Canon PowerShot from 2006
was taking dark, muddied photos of what should have been bright green brilliance.
This is clearly not acceptable with an adorable baby on the way.
(Not to mention much-needed improvement in foodie photography for this very blog!)

When I brought this up with the huzz, he said:
"We don't need a camera.  We can just take pictures of the baby with our phones."
GASP!  The horror!
But we all know that mothers know best.
And this matter is no exception.  So I proceed.

I'm thinking I'd like to stick with what I'm most familiar with
(read: point and shoot),
but anybody knows that an SLR is just plain fantastic.
I'd like something without breaking the bank or looking like a paparazzi.
Yet along with fairly compact size, I want professional photag qualities, such as
quick shutter speed, major megapixels, HD video/sound, etc. 
So after much review, I've narrowed it down to the following options:

Pansonic Lumix

Canon EOS Rebel

Nikon D3100

(As a wonderful photographer,
I'm hoping my dad can weigh in on this decision.
Hint, hint.)

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Set.
To combat the major hormonal acne that pregnancy has bestowed upon me.
I've been hoarding the free samples that the Kiehl's lady at Woodfield Mall gives me.
(Hey, don't judge.  The whole system is a little pricey sans a full-time J-O-B!)

1.  Cleanser
My face feels SO CLEAN after washing with this.

2.  Toner

3. Gel Cream

A new stethoscope.
We're talking a top-notch cardiac stethoscope.
All the better to hear your heart and lungs with, my pretty!
This may actually fit under the category: "graduation" gifts.
But let's not get greedy.  Times are tough.
I am, however, digging this chocolate and copper baby.
Or classic black.
Note:  No one will actually want to purchase this for me,
because it is capital B Boring.
I'm guessing this may be saved for a "gift" to myself with my first NP paycheck.

Or, finally, just plain, old, boring gift cards...because:
1.)  I realize these gifts are muy expensivo and that money doesn't grow on trees.
2.)  We're moving into an actual house!
3.)  None of my clothes fit anymore.

Thus, gift cards are surely welcome
(to put towards the purchase of said camera).

As a joint gift for me and the hubbs...for goods for the new home:
IKEA, HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Container Store, Target.

For my burgeoning baby bump:
Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, Babies 'r' Us.

All of these gifts are fairly big-ticket items so pool together, fam.
P.S.  I've been a VERY good girl this year.

Always keeping in mind the following...

Of course.

P.P.S.  Now send Mrs. Claus your lists, my lovelies.

~images via simplified bee, InVivo Fitness, Amazon, Kiehl's, & pinterest~

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