Monday, November 7, 2011

Good life

I find my mind wandering today, daydreaming about "the good life".
The one that's hopefully about to come our way.

In the past 9 months
of us getting a cancer diagnosis, fighting/beating the cancer,
the last year of grad school with its long hours of NP residency & thesis-writing,
trying to get pregnant,
searching for jobs, quitting jobs, starting jobs,
hunting for a place to live,
getting ready to pack & move and settle into a NEW city & state,
before we bring a baby(!) into this world
and officially begin "our family"...

with all the emotions and stress, the highs and lows,
 that all this transition can bring...

it is so wonderful  to remember where we started and how far we've come...
those days of bright eyes & infatuation, full of hope & happiness...

...and I'm just SO thankful
that there's still  plenty of those feelings to go around.


Almost there...

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