Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter weekend perfection.

What makes for a fantastic, relaxing weekend?
Even when it's -30 degrees outside?
In addition to a last-minute visit by my brother,
I'd have to say this weekend was fabulous for numerous reasons:

Cold weather + snow flurries with nowhere to go...
except to The Original Pancake House, just because.
Mmmm, Dutch babies.

A Skype date with Mema and Poppy...
and Aunt Auntie / Godmother / bestie Nichole!
Isn't technology grand?

Hot bath, cold night = perfection.

Saturday "date night" with my little man.
Savoring the snuggles for as long as I can...

Even though the Packers aren't playing,
I'm looking forward to making/eating these and drinking a few of these.
(And watching the commercials and Beyonce, of course!)

Hope your weekend was just as lovely!

~photos by b / images via stuffhomestuff tumblr & the fit cook~

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