Friday, February 1, 2013

The Friday Five

Happy February!
(And thank heavens this long week has finally come to a close.)
Here's what's good...

Love songs.
Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching,
and so is my affinity for love songs.
Here's one to jump start your weekend!

feminine dresses + military jackets
Pretty with a little edge.
Isn't that how we all should roll?

apple cider vinegar
I started drinking 2 Tbsp every morning in a cup of hot water (with honey for taste).
I'm a sucker for any type of cleanse, 
including the master cleanse before my wedding.
Will keep you posted!

(I mean, c'mon.  Who doesn't suffer from at least 5 things on this list.)

personalized embosser
Another reason to buy a house.

Why You're Not Failing as a Mother
I sooooo needed to hear this right now.
(Pinterest can sure make you feel mediocre in the mama department.)

Fact: This exact conversation has happened in our household.

And a few more links, just because I care...

Bravo, Google.   Maternity and paternity plans that actually get it. 

A Valentine for old married couples.

One of Suri's best burns in awhile.
(No wait, she does it again.)

I want/need a pair of these comfy flats.  Why are they so damn pricey?!

A perfect spicy soup for a cold winter day.

Happy Friday, m'loves!

~images via pinterest x 2, wedding paper divas, & the pregnant chicken~

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