Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tory Burch

So last week, I had two near-fall incidents.
One on my way to the garage.
(It was raining.  And 6am.  Excusable.)
And two, the far  more embarrassing incident...
I was running late, so I was racing into Dunkin' Donuts to get a free coffee
when I slipped and did a lunging half-splits right outside their door...
in front of many business-clad men and women.
Nothing like the sight of a pregnant lady busting her shit as she's running into a donut shop.
A freaking donut shop!
Woof.  I don't even like donuts.
But I'm sure it looked like I just had  to have one.

Alas, my current flats (that I am essentially wearing everyday with the same pair of black maternity dress pants) are clearly not working for my safety.
And yes, I said MATERNITY pants.  Super gross.

I don't think Ms. Tory Burch would let me down, do you?
I still have a birthday gift card from Nordstrom's burning a whole in my wallet
and I am thinking of checking out the following pairs:

Do you own any Tory?
If so, are they pregnant-lady friendly?
Because I'm sure I'm also about to get some pedal edema in the very near future.


~Images via Neiman Marcus~

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