Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope you have a
day, m'dears!

Sadly slacking on the costumes this year
due to my busy schedule and solitary lifestyle.
Here's some of the recent years' costumes to celebrate!
(And this song is fitting for the post, because I'm pretty much a freaking She Wolf.)

"I like turtles."

"I'm on a Boat" and Gaga.

Sarah Palin at her finest.
"I can see Russia from my house!"

She was a big hit.
(Considering we spent that Halloween in very conservative Nashville.)

Cannot wait to have a little nugget to dress up next year!
My mind is literally exploding with ideas!
Read:  Poor baby.

A little scary sentiment to send you on you way...

Hope your holiday is full of lots of trick'or'treats!

~photos by b & image via pinterest~

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