Monday, August 15, 2011

Lunes link love

That's Monday, people.  In case you're not up to snuff on your Spanglish.

Some things I'm particularly excited about today:

D.I.Y. Cork board road maps from design*sponge.
Sweet way to recycle your old travel maps into meaningful art.
And we all know, I LOVE maps.

These frilly panties from J Crew.
I wonder if they're soft like my favorite Calvin Klein splurges?
Gotta treat your ass right, kids.

Both of these breakfast treats sound scrumptious.
You've got your eggs and sweets.  Brunch, anyone?

We might as well go ahead and make it a champagne brunch.
'Cuz this bubbly sounds delish.  (And LUSH has really great stuff, it's true.)
And we've got lots to celebrate these days!

These watercolors are STUNNING.
I want one.
(That melted crayon piece is pretty rad, too.)

Finally, a classic DVF wrap dress.
Always stylish and elegant.
One day people, one day.

Hope your week's off to a good start!

~Image via bits of truth~


  1. I love design sponge so much! There are so many awesome ideas, and that cork board road map looks so cool. I totally want to try it! :)

    Notes She Wrote

  2. Me too! Now if it were only easy to decide which map to use...