Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weekend recap

A few days late and a dollar short.
(Story of my life these days.)

Baby with fevers (of unknown origin) for the entire weekend,
left us feeling less-than-refreshed for the week.

Thankfully, between fever spikes we were able to enjoy the following...

A stroll along the beach!

Complete with lunch from Northpoint Custard.  YUM.

...And a little people-dog-triatholon watching over afternoon coffee!

A Target excursion for the necesseties (and then some...obvi.)

And, of course, the State Fair!
Ruined slightly by rain,
Herb running out of rootbeer milk, and the return of sick baby.

Thankfully, everyone's health (and sleep schedule) seem to be back on track.
And, it is already Hump Day!
Thank you, Jesus!

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