Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend recap

Another gorgeous, sunny, summer weekend in Milwaukee!

Water fountain play outside of the art museum along the lake front.

Post-swim cowboy cookies + coffees and watching the bread-baking
at Alterra...err, Colectivo.

Reaping the benefits of fresh garden tomatoes...

...along with a Pinterest-ed brunch recipe.

But don't be fooled.
It's not all stress-free bliss...

The huzz is still working nights
(and had out-of-town guests for a baseball game Saturday),
leaving me with my very energetic and adorably mischievous date!

Lesson:  Don't even try to do laundry, dishes, bake, etc. until the toddler is asleep.

Needless to say, as wonderful  as my solo time with the little man is,
Mama's le pooped!
If only I could channel 1/8 of his energy.
But alas, it is Monday.
And all I have is this decaf Americano.
So bring on another week of the same ol' grind.

Hope your weekends were lovely as can be!

~photos by b~

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