Friday, August 30, 2013

The Friday Five

How is the summer over?!
Please tell me it ain't so.
But it's my birthday weekend, and a long one at that, so I will relish it.

Let's go!
So catchy for a birthday weekend.

Watercolor maps!
I want one for so many special locations.

Polka dot perfection!
I know, I know.  I seriously have a colossal hard-on for polka dots.
But they simply never get old for me!

Glass jar art supply storage
LOVE how streamlined (and fun) this looks!

What Not to Say to Kids (and What to Say Instead)
I can literally hear myself saying some of these things on a daily basis.
Le sigh.
But this article offers some really insightful alternative suggestions!

(P.S.  Isn't my naughtly little biscuit just the cutest?
He's also equipped and ready to handle your biggest shits.)

And alas, a few more fun links to kick off your weekend...

This set for your sink smells divine.

What to put in your annual photobooks.

Loving these boys' Mini Boden graphic tees.
(Bonus:  Current sale is buy any 3 items, get the 4th item for $1 + free shipping!)

J. Crew maternity - finally!  Small collection, but so exciting.

"Then and Now" images of NYC - so cool.

The cost of raising a baby today.  Wowza!

Ha!  So fitting after Miley's VMA performance.

TGIF, m'loves!

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