Friday, August 2, 2013

The Friday Five

The huzz is working nights the past 2 weeks,
leaving me a full-time working, single mother.
Oh yeah, and I'm 26 weeks preggs.
I don't know how the thousands of super single moms do it.
Kudos to you!

Links aren't working from my work computer, nor is formatting,
so excuse the odd bolding and poorly functioning links until I can fix tonight.

Not to mention, I'm falling asleep in my decaf coffee.
Nor have I been able to wash my hair in 3 days.
Hot mama.
But at least tomorrow is Saturday!
And here, in true rough draft-style, is what's good this week...

This makes me want to ride my bike.  Really fast.
(Or partake in some other summer-like activity).

Tomato Sandwiches!
'Tis the season.
From "Dinner:  A Love Story" still need this book.

A delicious summer scent
sand + jasmine + sea spray + mandarin = yum.

Flattering on one and all!
And nice and breezy for the muggy August days.

Be a Better Mom
Some great reminders.

And a few more fun links to end your week...

Fun monthly calendar templates
(for those of you who have August-ending planners like me!)

Finally!  LOL.  Bishes take note.

Have a happy weekend!

~images via dinner a love story, nordstrom, thedaybookblog, & diapers & daisies~

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