Friday, August 9, 2013

The Friday Five

Oh, Sheryl.
Just when I've forgotten you exist,
you occasionally come up with a tune even I can't resist.  
A catchy mix of country and rock'n'roll.
(Not to mention the perfect kick off to a lazy weekend with your love!)

white + collar necklace + straw tote
Get it while the gettins good, ladies.
(And by that, I mean before Labor Day is soon upon us.)

Cute toy storage
On sale! ~ {HERE}

Summer centerpiece
So pretty!  Simply place fresh-cut flowers from the garden in glass bottles (or mason jars), place on a silver tray, and voila!  A perfect (and easy) summer centerpiece.

What happy people do differently
Always nice to hear a few helpful tips!

And a few more fun links, just because it's Friday!

What color eyes will your baby have?
(Crazy how both the huzz and I have brown eyes and Baby A has blue!)

LOVING these interior pops of green.

Holy popsicle-gasm!

Pretty, pretty baubles.

Madonna's insane workout (a.k.a.  "No, thank you.")

Essential must-have home barware.

Haha!  Hot.


~images via vogue, container store, dyingofcute.tumble & psychology today~

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