Friday, November 9, 2012

The Friday Five

Holy hot tamale.
Apologies for the incomplete post.
Let's reeeewind!

Here we go...

Bon Iver
I know, I know.
Not new to the blog.
The huzz, after all my praise, has finally succumbed to Bon Iver.
And thus, my love for Holocene has been rekindled!

Two-sided Fireplaces
No words needed.
Coveting this one from Lonny pretty badly.

J. Lohr Petite Sirah
Reasonably priced and deliciously smooth!
Perfect for a chilly weekend evening (if you know what I'm sayin').

Giant scarves.
So cozy!

20 [Surprising] Parenting Tips

I just love some of these!

And a few more fun links to end the week...

Some pretty spiffy baby/kid clothes.

I would like to make eat these sweet potatoes.

How to blow up photos for your walls.

And one funny for the road.


~images via Lonny, winespotter, pinterest / photo by b~

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