Friday, June 19, 2015

The Friday Five

OMG, how is it freaking Friday already?!
This week has just zipped right by.
We've been busy with zoo camp, ice cream socials, preschool field trips and summer library programs, tending to the garden (a.k.a. the current bane of my existence) and planning for a relaxing week up north (followed immediately by my not-so-relaxing return to work)....hence, the lack of blogging.

But in the words of Olaf, "all good things, all good things."

Regardless, I'm looking forward to all the R&R that next week will bring.
Moreover, here's what's making me smile this week...

Heard this little tune at the end of "This is Where I Leave You".
(Fact:  Sometimes novels on your reading list become movies movies on HBO before you actually get around to reading them.)

My new wavy, mid-length hair.
Let's call it a "beachy lob".
I took these pics to my amazing hair stylist,
who embraced my reality of air drying 90% of the time
and created a fun, minimal effort 'do for my naturally wavy hair.
Thus, the unavoidable Midwestern summer humidity just became my bff.
You just need one of these for touch-ups.

Mortified, the podcast.
If you haven't checked this out, do so immediately.
Adults reading embarrassing things they wrote as kids - from diaries to fan letters to song lyrics.  Freaking hilarious!  And definitely makes my morning commute a wee bit better.

Zoo camp @ the Milwaukee County Zoo
Local parents, worth the ~$20/class!
Well, let me re-phrase that.
If your child is at least 3 (or maybe the later half of 2), it's worth the money!
My 3 year old had a blast learning all about his favorite zoo animal - the hippo.  The classroom was full of different crafting stations (including the making of a full hippo costume) followed by pretending to be hippos.  The hour-and-a-half class also included "circle time" learning, a short movie while munching on a hippo-like snack, along with a variety of books & puzzles (for the tikes who can't sit still that long).  The class ended by walking to see the real hippos and talking to their zookeeper.  So fun!  Even I learned some cool facts.
Still a few open classes left! {HERE}

All things "Father's Day"
My little ones have been busy crafting away at preschool/day care in preparation.  And I've been busy assembling treat bags myself!
I'd tell you more, but of course, it's a surprise.
Since I've been a major slacker on gift guides this year,
I will at least share this adorable piece on fatherly advice...

And a few more links, just because...

Fun earrings - and currently 30% off!

Side note:  J. Crew is about to become even more rad.

I think I also need this cookbook.

Great financial news for my fellow NP's out there!
(Though apparently my employer needs to get on this same page! Hint, hint.)

RIP beards!
(Husband, are you reading?! Peeeeeace!)

How to exercise at your desk.  Haha!

Summer tag sale over at anthropologie! a.k.a. up to 50% off.
You're welcome.

Some amazing summer homes over at Vogue.

And one more lovely little fatherly sentiment to end this post...

Happy {Father's Day} Weekend!

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