Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer reads, Volume 2

So, I'm still having post-vacation blues.
I'd much rather be on my lake floatie with a drink in hand under the hot summer sun (a.k.a. my new happy place), but alas, I'm back at dreaded work.
Vacay photos to come, I swear.

Meanwhile, I finished reading this on our trip:

A love story between two "cancer kids" which is so romantic and ever so sad.
If you don't mind having a Kleenex box at the ready for a good wholesome dose of "life's not fair", then I definitely recommend this one.  It's just so very sweet.

Spoiler alert:  Do NOT watch the movie before reading the book.
It just won't be as good, I promise you.

P.S.  Pretty sure Hazel actually said (something like) that, not Gus.  But whatever.  Still one of my favorite lines.

Happy {summer} reading!

~ images via wikipedia & passionateddigitalartist.com ~

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