Friday, July 26, 2013

The Friday Five

One of this year's summer jams, no?
All I know is our living room turns into an instant dance party
whenever sweet Phareezy comes on.

How to Dress, Maternity-Style
Yes, yes, and yes!

Super Goop sunscreens & lip balms
Good for the skin and smells fantastic!
For adults AND kiddos alike.

The Royal Family
I mean, c'mon.  They are just simply adorable.  All 3 of them.

P.S.  How perfect is her little blue and white polka dot dress?

Martha Stewart's best lesson:  Don't Give a Damn

And a few more links...

5 tips for a less stressful work day.

Cute and funny onesie.

Questionable relationship advice from 90's pop songs. ;)

The best buttermilk biscuits.  Pass the gravy / jam / butter!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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