Friday, July 19, 2013

The Friday Five

With a wedding anniversary just gone by,
and a 10-year dating anniversary yet to come,
I must admit that I am still feeling lovey dovey every time I think of the huzz.
So why not embrace that sentiment with a little Jack?

navy + polka dots
My go-to as of late!

Outpost Natural Foods' "Little Oaties"
Mother f'n crack.
I equate it to an oatmeal cookie whoopie pie.
(aka a whole lotta cream cheese deliciousness happening in there!)
I've never had these mocha ones, because the "original" are just too darn good.

Laundry in a giant, clean walk-in closet?!
So efficient and organized.

Working mothers trying to find balance

Can it be done?
If so, please tell me your secrets.

And a few more fun links...

Vintage ad sexism (funny yet revolting at the same time).

Peach season!  This salad looks amaze-balls.

Successful people who didn't "make it" until age 30+.

Pretty summer scarf.

Neat picnic bag that doubles as a place to sit.  Want!

Your summer reading list defined.

(Am I the only one to think this about the whole ombre trend?)


~photo by b / images via hemingway and hepburn, / painting "Afternoon Stroll" by Pino~

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