Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer hostess gifts

Before you grab that bottle of wine or six-pack,
think about upping your summer hostess gift-giving a notch.
(Don't worry, I have ideas.)

For starters....Meyer's Liquid hand soaps.
Always a go-to fave.
In new summery scents - like rhubarb or rosemary!
$3.99 {HERE} or at most retailers.


Cute measuring spoons,
because one can never have enough of these.
$17.99 {HERE}

Or, how about a copy of "Cocktails for a Crowd"?
Delicious planning for their next shindig.
$18.99 {HERE}

If you bring something exceptionally tasty,
why not bring a copy of the recipe along with a cute set of recipe cards?
I particularly love these little lemon gems.
$12 {HERE}

Does the host/hostess plan to show off a new garden?
Why not garnish them with this adorable set of garden starters?
$19.99 {HERE}

Or, finally, how about something fresh and luxurious for their guest bath?
I'm digging the Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage set.
$17 {HERE}

What's your go-to summer hostess gift?
I know I'd be happy to receive any of the above.

Happy {Summer} Partying!

~images via links above~

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