Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm back!

My so-called hiatus was a little longer than anticipated. 
Mostly because of this exciting news...

This exciting news, however, translated to a rough first trimester of fatigue and trying to balance working full-time and taking care of a mobile, energetic toddler who celebrated his 1st birthday at the end of March (more party pics to come!)...

...and then went back to day care in April
(read: he has been sick on-and-off ever since). 

Enter:  Countless sleepless nights.

We also went on our first flight with the little man to Colorado!

And started Saturday swim lessons.

Hello, mini Phelps.

We've had weekend visitors for a variety of occasions.
Not to mention we have been actively house-hunting! 
(Lots more on that to come!)


Mostly good things but certainly made it hard for a preggo, working mama
to find enough "me" time to relax and hit up the blogosphere.
But alas, for those of you that are still out there reading,
I am back!
And I can't wait to share all my new culinary, motherly, and interior inspirations with you!


~photos by b~

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