Friday, August 21, 2015

The Friday Five

Happy Friday, y'all!
Here's what's happenin' this week...

Loving this little oldie but goodie ala Aimee Mann & Michael Penn.
It screams summer roadtrip, with the windows down and hair blowing, no?

"You say tom-a-to, I say tom-ah-to..."
Just give me them to me in any way.
From fresh pastas and Caprese salads to BLT's,
or just topped on a crusty piece of bread with a little bit of good mayo and S&P...

Now if only the damn deer would stop eating all of mine...

Columbia Crest H3 Sauvignon Blanc
You know what pairs well with tomatoes and other light summer fare?
A crispy white wine, that's what.
And here's another tasty one that won't break the bank!

white sundress + straw tote
Only a couple more weeks to wear white, peeps.
Get it in!  (Before you're a fashion faux paux.)

Stop saying, "It could be worse."
Amen, sister.
This article really touched home this week.
Hang in there on those tough days, mama!  Your struggle is real.

And a few more fun things...

This grieving husband is just about the sweetest ever.

Mini Boden is having a sale!  Perfect timing for "back to school."

How to send an email so people actually respond.

A list of 25 places to take your kids before they graduate from high school.

What's on my reading radar, after reading this earlier this summer.

Fashionista best purchases.  #moretrouble

Have a fantastic end-of-summer weekend, m'loves!!

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