Friday, August 14, 2015

The Friday Five

It's been awhile since a "Friday Five"
(You know, life and all.)
But alas, here are five things that are good this week!

French Jazz
Inspired by a recent date night at Lake Park Bistro, this romantic genre of music (think: Edith Piaf ala Le Vie en Rose) has become a weekend thing for me and the huzz.  Not only does it remind us of our honeymoon in the south of France, but when paired with a chilled glass of rose and/or an herb-y cocktail and some snuggles in the sun porch hammock under the soft glow of twinkle lights?!
I'd call that end of summer perfection.

Homemade kale chips.
I watched the Barefoot Contessa make {THESE} with Jennifer Garner the other day and they are amaze balls.  Salty, crunchy, and freakin' addicting.  ~$2 for a large bunch of kale will not only allow you to make this delicious, (and healthy!) recipe, but it will also fill about a half dozen (or so) smoothie packets for your freezer.  Win-win!


P.S.  I used regular old kale (but the lacinato / flat variety she recommends is also delish!

Farmer's markets.
'Tis the time of year where they're all just killin' it, no?
Village Market in adorable downtown Thiensville, WI is especially noteworthy.
From $5 bouquets to super sweet corn, I'll take it all!

H&M for toddler boys.
So hip, so cute.  And pretty gosh darn affordable!
Here's our summer wedding wear (aside from the ties), courtesy of H&M.
And with some good sales, I also just stocked up on some fall/back-to-school adorableness!

Oh, and anthropologie for hip moms is also pretty rad, no?



Speaking of motherhood, this article was such a good reminder to savor every moment, as you never know when will be the "last time".

(Grab a Kleenex, then proceed.)

And a few more fun things, just because I can...

Loving this stack arrow pendant necklace!

And these silk t-shirt dresses - gorgeous and practical for these scorching days.

I think a pair of these zodiac prints would be so pretty in a master BR.

More amazing (and affordable!) art.

Some girl power inspiration.

Watermelon mint sangria?!  I'll take two, please.

Beauty philosophies of French women.  So fascinating!

And one funny for the road.

Have a fantastic weekend, m'loves!
(And stay cool!)

~ photos by bits of breezy ~

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