Friday, July 17, 2015

The Friday Five

Mid-July?! Say it ain't so.
Summer, like life it seems, is just flying by.
I've been feeling a little under the weather this week,
but that hasn't slowed us down in our quest to zoo, pool, and beach it up!
Aside from gorgeous weather, here's what else is good this week...

 The "Edward Sharpe..." of yore.
As previously mentioned, we saw them at Summerfest.
While entertaining, something was just off with Alex Ebert.
You can tell he's still experiencing post-break-up blues...and crazy...
and, most likely, a plethora of illegal substances.
Here's a throwback to the good ol' days with Jade...

anthropologie hanging planters
I've been waiting for them to go on sale and when they finally do,
I'm too late to the party.
Oh well.
Some medium size still left {HERE}.

cherry season
An 8-lb box of fresh cherries arrived with our weekly CSA box
and I couldn't be more thrilled!
While there's nothing better than eating them by the juicy handful,
I also cannot wait to test out a bunch of new, yummy fresh cherry recipes!

P.S.  Pardon my shoddy phone pics.  My DSLR battery & charger have went MIA.

"Duh, obvi!", you say.
But seriously, it's a one-stop shop (home goods! cleaning supplies! baby needs! food! pharmaceuticals! etc!) with a Starbucks...and between the Cartwheel app + coupons + 5% off with my Red card + free gift cards when I buy shit I was already going to buy?  It makes me feel quite savvy less guilty about dropping two-hundo each trip.

And speaking of Target, did anyone read {THIS}?  I am usually #1 (because I have all intentions of working out AFTER my Target run...but then the Target time warp strikes and a simple trip takes 2 hours).  On a rare occasion, I'm #6 (but that experience reminds me why I never shop with 2 kids in tow unless absolutely necessary.)  Which Target shopper are you??

Beaches with parks.
Double "wear 'em out" ability.
And we all get to enjoy some fun in the sun!

And a few more links, just because...

Do yourself a favor and follow Honest Toddler on Twitter.

A pretty 10-minute manicure at home?  Worth a try.

Had we a babysitter lined up, I'd be all over this week's Fish Fry & Flick.
Party on, Wayne!

Speaking of movies, anyone want to see Amy Schumer's "Trainwreck" with me?

I want this tank.  Business in front, party in the back.

Adorable backpacks for kids of all ages.  (Because, yes, it's almost that time!)

Looking forward to trying this new, all-in-one, BB, CC, and tinted moisturizer cream from Bare Escentuals.  (Great price tag, too!)

Inspiring quotes from self-made billionaires.

Cheers to a lovely summer weekend!

~ images via anthropologie & some ecards / pics via bits of breezy ~

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