Monday, July 13, 2015

Mama Mondays : Slow parenting

Let me just first say that I read this piece over at Cup of Jo awhile back, and I both completely adored it (as this is the parent I so desperately want to be),
and also instantly felt terrible (as I am constantly the one telling my kids to "hurry up").  Ugh.  I'm the worst.

I was especially moved by this snippet from a related article in the Boston Globe:

This thought alone makes me want to sloooooooow down and just let my kids do "their thing" at their own pace while I just sit back and drink in their adorableness.  From putting on their own shoes to exploring the back yard....time goes by way to quickly as it is, why hurry them along even more?!
This theory is not easy for an anally punctual person like me, but it is my motherly goal to try this so-called slow parenting this summer.

And what better time to start than summer,
where life is naturally at a slower, more leisurely pace...

Do you embrace slow parenting?
If so, what are your tips in letting go of control?

~ photo by bitsofbreezy ~

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