Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Chimichurri steak & sweet potatoes

Here's an easy weeknight meal you don't want to miss!
Amazing on the grill and served with charred corn tortillas
(and a big glug of red, of course).


Simply combine the spices and smear this dry rub on meat (save any extra for next time!).
Sprinkle some of the dry rub, along with a hefty pinch of coarse salt and drizzle of olive oil, onto the sweet potato chunks.  Roast them at 375 for approximately 45 minutes (or until crispy and golden).

Meanwhile, whiz together the remainder of the ingredients (for the chimichurri sauce!) in a food processor and grill the steak for a few minutes per side (or to your liking).  Also throw on some corn tortillas just to warm through and get a little char.

Top the meat with your fresh and spicy sauce.
Use any extra for dunking your delicious sweet potatoes.
Wrap any (or all) of the above in the toasty tortillas.

Wash down with a bottle of red.

P.S.   This could easily be assembled into a freezer meal.
Simply place the meat with dry rub in a freezer bag.
Place sweet potatoes and dry rub in a separate freezer bag.
Make sauce and place it in yet another freezer bag or container.
Place all contents into one big freezer bag along with directions.
Simply thaw overnight in fridge and voila!
All the prep is done for you and your food is just ready to be cooked/assembled when you get home from a hard day at work.

Bon apetit!

~ images by bitsofbreezy ~

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